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(Quad four engine NOT included in kit but is available for extra charge.)
Fiero Quad four engine installation kit  
PRICE: $900.00
Compare to other higher priced kits ($2,000.00) that then require you to cut the
subframe, buy their custom ECM, and get
new axles.
    This kit contains:
  1. Installation Instructions,
  2. NEW wiring harness,
    (compatible with a stock 1985 ECM)
  3. Full harness schematic blueprint,
  4. The needed new engine
    and transmission mounts,
  5. Misc. hardware.
A successful install.
    Why a quad four?
  1. Almost perfect 50/50 front to rear
    balanced weight distribution.
  2. Simpler maintenance.
    (compared with a V-8 install.)
  3. More efficient power
    to displacement ratio
    Unlike other kits:
  • There is NO cutting or welding of
    the stock sub-frame required.
  • NO moving over the engine/tranny.
  • NO custom axles required.
  • NO custom ECM required.
Above right is a successful installation.